This is just because I'm hoping you'll come and take a peek here when you can't find my username on AO3. (Unless you write me an email. Unless you've defaulted out of creating anything for me! *really hopes not*)

I've changed my AO3 username to julychildren. You can guess from here that I'm an AO3 dolt and you won't be too far off the mark. I'm given to understand that what I should have done is create a pseud instead, but I'm still rather unfamiliar with AO3 terms and changed the username before I got round to exploring if there was any other option. I have no idea (I really don't!) how difficult this will make the submission process for you, so all I can do is really, genuinely apologize to you for the goof-up. 

If you're here and reading this, you have my eternal gratitude and devotion! Thank you very much for taking the trouble. <3


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