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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag. For more links and commentary you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. You can also support us on Patreon.

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Authors' Note: This review was written before either of us had watched the second season. It is chock-full of major spoilers for S1, so proceed with caution!

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Hello, sweet swappers! As promised, SWAPS ARE HERE. SWAPS ARE SWAPPENING.

If you are new to swaps, or to Yuletide, and curious about what the heck I'm talking about, our brand-new 2017 FAQ is here! If you are old to swaps, read on!


Questions? Comments? First check out the FAQ, and then, if that doesn’t sort you, feel free to comment either here or there, or email us at yuleswaps at gmail!

<3 K
Hello, beloved swappers! Don’t worry, swaps IS happening, as always! Sign-ups post will go up, ummmm, soon. I meant to kick us off around the beginning of the month, but #life #got overwhelmed by the idea of needing to rewrite this FAQ, tbh. Sorry!

This year! We have moved to Dreamwidth, because Yuletide has moved to Dreamwidth, and because it seems like most of our constituency has done the same. We will probably continue to crosspost to the Yuletide LJ community in some capacity, linking back to DW posts and providing a forum for LJ-only swappers to continue to ask questions and make contact when their yahoo emails inevitably fail. ;)

Tags will remain the same: “omnomnom” for candyswap, “who likes books” for bookswap, and “nice cuppa” for drinkswap (er, just as soon as I'm able to request their creation on DW). As on LJ, we strongly encourage swappers to track tags for the swaps they are interested in.

(Go to your DW Account Settings >> Notifications afterward, to make sure all the tags you wanted definitely took!)

And now…onward!

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But seriously, when are sign-ups going to be open for Yuleswaps 2017?

Soon, I swear. Tonight, I hope, but realistically, might be more like tomorrow or Tuesday. I will get it together. I promise. Swaps will happen.

Happy swapping, swappers!!!!

Kat (and sleeps, in spirit)
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To make things really exciting, spoilers for Star Trek )

Catching up on B99 S3 has been fun. I am a very critical viewer of the show but they've fixed a lot of their Jake Problem, even if a lot of their writing for Boyle is still irredeemable garbage.

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I'm posting this since the usual people haven't! This is copy-pasted from the excellent posts last year and the year before (2016, 2015). Any new errors are mine.

[dreamwidth.org profile] raininshadows has also made a spreadsheet of requests!

Are you interested in text adventures, CYOA, twine games or other sorts of interactive fiction? Do you want to let your writer know you'd be happy to receive something along those lines? Are you looking for someone to write IF for? This post is for you.

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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

If you find something you love, we encourage you to comment/favorite and let the creator know you enjoyed their work. :D o/

Recommendations included:
  • DRAMAtical Murder — art (1)

  • Hawkeye — vid (1)

  • Hidden Figures — vid (3)

  • Pride & Prejudice — vid (1)

  • Rogue One — fic (1)

  • Sense & Sensibility — vid (1)

  • Star Trek: Discovery — art (1)

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What fanwork have you loved recently?
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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D

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Assignments are out! How do you feel**? Horrified, delighted, confused, cautiously optimistic?

*Bears: shorthand for panic, apathy, writer's block, anything that keeps you from writing. When the deadline approaches, the bears have been known to eat your toes.

**Please keep details very vague to prevent giving away your assignment.
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[community profile] fandomgrowthexchange currently has two pinch hits!

The minimum for fic is 2,000 words. The minimum for art is lineart with basic colors/tones as well as background OR two lineart drawings. The deadline is October 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC.

To claim, please comment to this Dreamwidth post with your AO3 username and the pinch hit you'd like to claim.

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Hello, Yuletide!

I'm de-anoning as the coder behind the letters app here so that people can easily post corrections and ask for updates in the lull between now and Madness.

Of course, the original Dear Yuletide Writer and spreadsheet post is where you should start if you want to get your letter listed; the app will be updated per that post, including all corrections.

App-specific fixes: please comment on the corrections comment on this post if you see any fixes (tagset, letter links, bugs) that need to be made.

Madness & more: In the hope of making this useful for Madness (and the future?), I've put the code and a roadmap of features that will be added here on Github. Everyone is welcome to comment on what should be added next.

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Dear author,

Thank you so much for writing me a fic. ♥ I tend to ramble on, so I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

General likes: femslash, gen-fic that's focused on women and/or queer characters, characters of colour, trans characters, fics that pass the Bechdel test, character studies, backstory, dialogue/banter, kink, characters being intelligent, characters loving books/poetry/literary things, characters being in academia, little details, fucked up relationships, open endings.

General dislikes: character bashing, heteronormativity, AUs, were-people, vampires, crack, penetration-focused sex, pregnancy/motherhood-focused storylines, unambiguously happy endings. For sex, I'm not really squicked by anything except torture, bloodplay and fisting.

The Talented Mr Ripley: I adore Peter to bits, and always always love to read fic that explores his character in any way. Gen-fic would be lovely, as would Peter/any male character, or friendship fic for Peter + Marge or Meredith. Fixits are wonderful too, but I love this film so much that I'd like absolutely anything related to it, and I don't mind angst at all, so allusions to the ending would be fine too. (I recently reread the book and was struck by how Tom thinks that he can’t do to Peter what he did to Dickie, which, IMO, is an awesome way to imagine how the ending of the film could have gone differently.)

The English Patient: I'd love something focused on either Hana or Kip. I would rather not see the Love Story of Hana/Kip, although that can be in the background. Backstory for either of them, or a scene in which they interact with one of the others in the villa, would be lovely. I also love stuff related to maps/landscapes/palimpsests. Anything exploring the loveliness that is this book/film and any of the awesome characters would be lovely.

A Suitable Boy: Any combination of Firoz, Maan, and Saeeda Bai would be lovely. While I love Seth's Dickensian style of writing in this book, it would also be lovely to see these characters through interior monologues, especially when Firoz and Maan angst over each other. *g*

Arundhati Roy’s books: I don’t think anyone else requested/offered these fandoms, but I’ll write a note just in case. For The God of Small Things, I confess that my greatest obsession is the twincest at the end. While it’s darkly erotic for sure, I also really love the idea that the bond Rahel and Estha have is unique, driven in many ways by a shared trauma as well as their closeness to each other, and in many ways, no one else can understand them the way they understand each other. For The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, I have no words for how much I adore the book. I'd love anything that explores Anjum's character. Anjum/Tilo would be awesome too, as would seeing Miss Jebeen the Second all grown up and looking back at her unconventional childhood.

In sum: I absolutely love each of these fandoms and would LOVE to see the fandom you choose from your perspective, so feel free to write the sort of fic that you'd like to read. My adoration for each of these fandoms is unconditional, and I'm hugely excited and super-pleased that we have a common love for one of these lovely fandoms.

Thank you, and happy Yuletide! <3