So this is fairly belated, which is entirely due to my lack of time management skills coupled with a series of unfortunate events that bear not being written about. What does bear being written about, is that I was very surprised and made very happy by my Kaleidoscope gift. It was this:

Auspicious Beginnings, which is an Ibis Trilogy story. Very well-crafted, very well-researched, very heartwarming.

The reveal was a few hours before I had to write an exam, so I've had to go back later and savour the story and appreciate the little nuances which were wonderful. This has been a fun and instructive gift exchange! -- even though I nearly did not finish my own assignment, nearly defaulted on two beta requests (one of which went useless, I'm afraid!), haven't yet been able to finish a gift story I was hoping to write. At least I know my limitations now.

So yeah... thank you muchly, yet-anonymous Doer of Darkness! If my gift story had sucked, I'd have been feeling rather bitter about the entire experience by now. Thanks for making Kaleidoscope fun for me. =]


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